All of our animals are raised naturally with plenty of fresh air and open pastures. We don’t confine our animals inside and that results in a happier and healthier animal. We do our best to source non-gmo feed and we don’t use any growth hormones and minimal antibiotics and they are not denied proper medical care if they are ill. The animals are treated humanely and with respect. They live in family groups whenever appropriate and we never use any electric prods for wrangling. We let them roam free just like nature intended in a safe clean environment. We like for our animals to live a happy life in family groups closest to what their natural habitat would have been when ever possible. It is a humane, loving environment & it is the right thing to do. One thing that we do a little differently in our pasture is we monitor the ground closely. Our goal is to keep the animals on clean, dry and grassy grounds – instead of mud and dirt. We really want the animals to graze the greens for healthier life and tastier meats. We also raise only heritage breed pigs to get good marbling and deep coloring. The commercial industry really tries to eliminate the marbling and they breed the fat out of their hogs to make them leaner for higher profits. We are raising meat like it used to be long time ago to produce a deep color, rich flavoring with plenty of marbling.