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Anderson Farms started on the south side of Granville Ohio in 2014 by James and Jess Anderson with a mission to raise the best tasting pork possible in the climate and conditions provided in central Ohio. We have worked tirelessly to find the best old line breeds that produce the best flavor profile in our pork. We are raising our hogs like they did in the 1950s before massive pork producers started modifying the genetics to take all the flavor out, speed up growth rates and increase muscle mass to yield the meat we know as commercial pork now-a-days. We focus our attention on the opposite methods, we take our time with the growth cycle, we dont rush it and we’re not scared of fat cuz fat is flavor. Our bloodlines havnt been touched by modern day genetics, we focus only on really old blood lines. We select slow growing breeds that do well out in the open air and the slow growth method really helps our flavor develop all the way to the bone. 

For years we have raised hogs exclusively for RayRays Hog Pit, but starting in the spring of 2023, we are prepared to sell half hogs, whole hogs and pork cuts directly to consumers. All of our heritage breed hogs are raised outside in the open air, free roaming in fields separated into 2 sections. Section one is our standard hogs that have a diet rich with grain and all the good stuff in the fields. Section two is our hippy hogs which are non-gmo with a grain free diet including the good stuff in the fields plus a proprietary feed blend as a daily supplement ration.

Pat Brown joined our team in 2020 as farm manager and with his expertise we have been able to fine tune our genetics to produce the richest, most flavorful pork we have ever been able to produce since we started.


in person:

Freedonia Farm Market
6738 North St NW
Newark OH 43055

RayRays Supper Club
1256 Columbus Rd
Granville OH 43023

Black Radish Creamery
3700 Morse Rd
Alexandria, OH 43001

order online:

Check out our web-link to acquire your meat. You’ll have the option of half hog, whole hog or a box of pork cuts. The half and whole hog options will be cut and packaged exactly the way you want it, you can fill out the web form to place your order with a $300 deposit. All of our packaging is a thick cryovac that will hold up in the freezer for a long time. Once you place your order, we should have the meat back from the processor in 2-4 weeks and we’ll let ya know when it’s done.


Anderson Farms
1703 Deeds Road
Granville, OH 43023